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Outdoor Dogs
Many of us can remember having a backyard dog. Our dog went everywhere with us as we played and it slept on the back porch when we were inside or at school. So what is different today? We have less time, our children have less time and our children do not spend the hours outside that we did.

Nature is Natural
All dogs are active, social animals. Your family replaced the puppy’s original active family or pack. In their pack, they were never alone. To be ostracized from the pack is severe punishment. Regardless of your view of dogs and pack behavior; being inside with the family is better to a dog than being outside and alone.

Some Northern breeds prefer to sleep outside where it is cool, but only on their own terms. Install a dog door, so they can chose to sleep at your feet or in their kennel or on the deck.

Dogs kept outside become over excited and possibly out of control when allowed inside. They are so happy to be allowed to join the family they become uncontrollable in their exuberance.

Outdoor dogs are more likely to have an accident inside or make mistakes than inside dogs. They do not learn the acceptable house rules, because they get less practice. Also, if an outside dog asks to go out, they understand that they may not get back inside.

Outdoor dogs are more difficult to train. Dogs respond well to training when they have confidence in themselves and their relationship with the owner. Insecure dogs are more difficult to train. Outdoor dogs may not develop a good bond with the family members. The strong bond helps with control and a better relationship between dogs and humans.

Barking, digging, chewing and aggressive territorial reactions are a few of the behaviors that are more frequent or severe with outside dogs. Dogs like humans need mental stimulation; boredom leads to bad habits. So to amuse themselves they invent a job. These jobs may be; to keep all people and creatures away from the fence, dig to China or disassemble the deck. These self-appointments are seldom acceptable to us, humans.

Outdoor dogs are more likely to develop aggressive behaviors, particularly territorial and protective aggressions. This is caused by boredom and a poor relationship with humans. Aggression behaviors become ingrained overtime and become more difficult to control.

Outdoor dogs become escape artists. It is an amusing activity and it is more fun to visit the neighbors than sit in the yard alone.

Outdoor Dogs - Chained Dogs
Dogs should never be chained without a secure fence. A chained dog without a fence becomes very insecure, because they do not have the natural defenses of flight or fight. This increases their aggressive behavioral problems. Chained dogs, like outdoor dogs develop the same behavioral problems, but worse. The only form of chain should be an overhead cable or trolley, so to avoid being tangled. We do not adopt dogs to anyone who plans to chain their dog without a secure fence.


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