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Release Word
You must choose a Release Word like OK. It tells your dog that you are done and it is Ok to get up or relax. Start to use it whenever you give your dog permission to do something.

The word you choose is important, because your entire family should use the same word. Most people use OK, but it has some disadvantages. It is a common word and you may release your pup in a conversation by accident. Other possibilities are “Done”, “Thanks”, “Free” or “Zebra”. Single syllable words are easier. Do not use a Release Word like “Good Boy”, because “Good” is used to tell your dog they are doing it right and might get a treat.

As you progress through training your dog, you will learn to use your Release Word more often. Your dog should learn that if you command them to Sit, they will stay in a Sit until you release them. Also, your dog will learn to ask you if they can do something and if you agree, you can use your Release Word. My dog will give me a certain look, “Can I go see that cute girl dog?”

The hardest part of training is learning to use your Release Word.


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